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Sex and orgasm are not the main thing

Sex and orgasm are not the most important thing for women. Most missing tenderness, sensitivity and interest in our feminine needs and feelings. Very often men complain of frequent headaches in women and unwillingness to make love. But why should we want it if we don't enjoy it . We do not want to be hugged by a man who is not satisfying either morally or physically. And it's not just about orgasm, it's certainly important, but not the most important thing. Most of all, there is not enough tenderness, sensitivity and interest in our female needs. Very often, a man - home - work - children and a lot of other things that we have to manage to do - take our strength. And when the children are already in their beds, we have to put on chic underwear and pounce on the man like a wild cat? We ourselves put our needs and desires in the very last place and thereby complicate our life. {banner_google} Irritability , fatigue and bad mood are not uncommon companions in such situations and headaches are not just an excuse. Our body resists, feelings of injustice and resentment overwhelm us. Many women do not even know how it is, to have pleasure, to feel care and attention. There is no harmony in a relationship with a man, sex life goes down instantly. Depression kills sexual desires in the first place. We also love to hear good words. We want to know that everything we do does not go unnoticed by you. It is very important for us to know that you are interested in our opinion. You probably find your woman attractive and you like her hair, eyes, arms or breasts. Tell your woman about this every day, help her around the house or with the children at least 30 minutes every day, and you will see a completely different woman. In each of us it was originally laid down: to be a woman and a lover, to give joy and love. So changing women is not always the best way out. Change your attitude towards her and you will be surprised how quickly the change will take place. Your woman will gain confidence, feeling loved and desired, you will receive love, gratitude and good sex.

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