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About the relationship between a man and a woman

Отношения. Relationship . In society, this is as natural as going to eat or sleep. There is a relationship between all people, even strangers on the street - for example, you notice a girl walking on the street who is crying. Asking her about problems openly, most likely you will not be able to, well, this is not accepted in our society. However, you show the emotion of compassion, she will respond (even with just a glance) with gratitude, and now a relationship has developed between you. You might not even say a single word to each other. What can be the relationship between a man and a woman? Let's start simple: none. Well, there is such an Andrei in the team, he walks around the office, works like everyone else, sometimes he exchanges a few words with you about work and the weather. Everything. It's just not your Andrey, he doesn't seem cute or ugly. It doesn't matter whether you are married or single. You may know from colleagues that he loves football, but this is where his profile in your head ends, and he is not worth a single thought anymore. Happened in Sasha's life. Cool guys, it's easy to find a common language with them, they become great friends. With Sasha, you can neighing over a new comedy, you can fool around on the couch, throw popcorn or tickle. All this is cute, but it doesn't lead to anything romantic. Such Sashki usually remain warm and beloved ... friends. And there are some Vitaliks in our life, from one glance at which the neurochemical reactions in the brain simply shout: "Get away from this idiot 100,500 km away." And what can you do, infuriates! (sometimes the stories of meeting two such people end with a wedding, love to the grave and children, but this is not certain). {banner_google} And, perhaps, the most interesting. Let's call them Dimochki. You look at him - perfect, eyes are bottomless blue oceans, hands - steel, the figure of Apollo, wit and style are also with him. But this is the first couple of months. Then it begins: oh, something he didn't clean his shoes today, but yesterday, I remember, he made a joke that was not as funny as before. What about tomorrow? Tomorrow there will be complete disappointment. The man kind of attracted the first attention to himself, and other girls in the office run after him, but with closer contact, the illusion of ideality dissipates, and an ordinary Dima appears. Sometimes my mother's son, sometimes a computer maniac, sometimes a lazy person and others, other scoundrels. And then it turns out that Dima is head over heels in love with you. And the whole office laughs that you are going over too much, and in general, you will never get married. Divorced aunts are sitting and dreaming of at least some man, if only he was there, and she would love, adore and cherish and cherish him. Don't give in! There are also normal men. Run, oh, run from such an under-handsome Dimka to the usual kind Seryozhka. Earrings are generally a separate group of relationships. Seryozha goes to work, Seryozha drives a modest car and does not dream of the sea. And then he meets you! And it disappears. Seryozha does not sleep, does not eat, but does not marry either. Why should he? He's not alone. I have friends, I have a family, and only 25-30 years old. “Up to 35 no, no. Don't force me to, ”he shouts to his mother, once again leaving for the bar after work. But here's the bad luck. The girls and you were dragged to the same bar, but at home it's boring, autumn, melancholy. I had to go. And whatever happens there, you noticed Seryozha. So calm, inspires confidence, I want to be a girl next to him. Feel it? At that moment you disappeared too. Since then, hiding from everyone, you correspond with Seryozhka and get more and more involved, like him. And parents are already making plans for your future, which does not come after 35, as Seryozhka earlier shouted. Now he flies to you with a bouquet and trembles with fear to get the cherished ... wedding ...

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