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Bechamel sauce at home
" Bechamel " is a simple white sauce, preparing fried flour-based, to be further cooked in milk. This sauce is used with pleasure with a variety of foods, such as eggs, vegetables, white meat. The following example of a quick recipe for Bechamel sauce for lasagne is not expensive at all. You and all your loved ones will be delighted with it!
Minced pasta casserole
It sounds simple, it is done simply, and the taste is like that of an overseas dish - lasagna, popularly called "lazy lasagna". There will be enough pasta and minced meat casseroles for the whole family, and everyone at home will be delighted! What is needed for this dish? Pasta, they must be long - 400 g Minced meat, any to your taste - 500 g. I
Delicious pasta in naval style
Products for cooking: Pork meat - 500 grams; Pasta - 250-300 grams; Onions - 2 pieces (medium); Butter - 70 grams; Salt, black pepper, parsley leaves - to taste. We wash the meat well, fill it with water and set to cook. As soon as it boils, remove the foam and cook until tender (about 1, 5-2 hours). Cooked meat