Bechamel sauce at home
" Bechamel " is a simple white sauce, preparing fried flour-based, to be further cooked in milk. This sauce is used with pleasure with a variety of foods, such as eggs, vegetables, white meat. The following example of a quick recipe for Bechamel sauce for lasagne is not expensive at all. You and all your loved ones will be delighted with it!
Minced pasta casserole
It sounds simple, it is done simply, and the taste is like that of an overseas dish - lasagna, popularly called "lazy lasagna". There will be enough pasta and minced meat casseroles for the whole family, and everyone at home will be delighted! What is needed for this dish? Pasta, they must be long - 400 g Minced meat, any to your taste - 500 g. I
Delicious pasta in naval style
Products for cooking: Pork meat - 500 grams; Pasta - 250-300 grams; Onions - 2 pieces (medium); Butter - 70 grams; Salt, black pepper, parsley leaves - to taste. We wash the meat well, fill it with water and set to cook. As soon as it boils, remove the foam and cook until tender (about 1, 5-2 hours). Cooked meat
Sex for weight loss
So spring has come. Everyone is starting to think about how to lose weight or raise muscle tone. But there is one strange, well-functioning diet. The meaning of which: in the morning - a cupcake, and in the evening - sex. And if it does not help, then exclude flour. And this is no joke, my friends. Sex as a means of losing weight has been used by
Meatloaf with cheese and smoked sausage
A nostalgic dish for Soviet times can be called a meatloaf with cheese, since at that time there was a terrible shortage of food, so the hostesses made meatloafs instead of sausage, which was difficult to get. In modern times, when the quality of our products leaves much to be desired, continuous additives and not a gram of meat, such a dish
How to cook lagman in Uzbek
Лагман Lagman (Lagmon) is an Uzbek soup with noodles, broth, vegetables and meat. Real Uzbek lagman is delicious and satisfying. And making it according to the true recipe is not so difficult. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the recipe described below, and you will learn how to cook lagman in Uzbek. This recipe is taken from an Uzbek
About the relationship between a man and a woman
Отношения. Relations. In society, this is as natural as going to eat or sleep. There is a relationship between all people, even strangers on the street - for example, you notice a girl walking on the street who is crying. Asking her about problems openly, most likely you will not be able to, well, this is not accepted in our society. However, if
Sex and orgasm are not the main thing
Sex and orgasm are not the most important thing for women. Most of all, there is not enough tenderness, sensitivity and interest in our feminine needs and feelings. Very often men complain of frequent headaches in women and unwillingness to make love. But why should we want it if we don't enjoy it. We don't want to be hugged by a man
Rustic cabbage soup
I offer two simple recipes for making delicious cabbage soup. Recipe one: Pork - 100 grams (ready soup yield - 500/25) Bones - 100 grams Sauerkraut - 125 grams Carrots - 20 grams Onion - 1 piece Butter - 15 grams Garlic - 1 slice Parsley - to taste Sour cream - 1 table spoon Buckwheat porridge - 70 grams Salt and pepper - to taste
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